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Marketing Manager Resume Writing – Best Tips

When it comes to marketing jobs, you can expect a lot of competition in the job market.

In addition, HR Managers don’t read every CV carefully. They just visually scan them.

A recruiter spend only a few seconds on each application.

That’s why your resume should be able to quickly grab a recruiter’s attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Strong Marketing Manager Resume Summary or Career Objective

Want to grab a recruiter’s attention? Start with a strong and persuasive resume summary. Include it at the top of your resume document. This is probably one of the most important resume section in your job application.

If it’s good enough to get the recruiter’s interest, you can be pretty sure they will want to read more. That’s the point.

A good resume summary for Marketing Manager should be concise (around 2-5 sentences) and explain why are you a perfect candidate for the job you are applying for. Shortly summarize your key marketing experience, skills and achievements. Try to highlight the specific skills or experience that is requested in a job offer.

TIP: Include a resume summary if you are an experienced candidate in the field of Marketing Management. However, if this is your first job (you are a student or fresh graduate) or you change your career path, consider writing Career Objective instead.

Sales and Marketing Manager Resume summary bed and good examples:


Marketing manager with over 6+ years of experience in a digital area. Experienced in both B2C and B2B fields. By implementing a tailored marketing strategy, I increased the company’s sales by 45% over last year. Correct users segmentation and accurate data analysis resulted in a 7% improvement of the conversion rate and in $ 2k of month cost savings in ads campaigns. I am ready for further development, especially in the areas of conversion optimization and advanced data analytics, in order to scale company profits.

Why is it a good sample? It is, because:

  • It proves you have the job posting key requirements, like minimum experience period or experience areas
  • It says you have implemented a bespoke marketing strategy. That confirms you can work independently and find a right solution depending on situation.
  • Mentioning specific activities that you have successfully run (like users segmentation), proves you have practical knowledge in this area
  • Numbers and metrics are hard data and make the description super convincing.

This resume summary not only confirms that you are the right candidate. It also communicates the real benefits that the employer can have by hiring you.


I am a sales manager with over 5 years of experience gained in e-commerce field. Advanced knowledge in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and Social Media. An organized and effective strategic marketer with great managing and communication skills. Seeking to start a long-term cooperation with opportunities for further development in digital marketing area.

Why this is a wrong approach?

  • No specific information. Despite knowledge in Google Analytics, the employer has no idea how this can be useful for him
  • Many adjectives but zero achievements
  • No numbers
  • Willingness for further but general development isn’t a bug benefit for future employer. Be specific

2. Resume Experience for Marketing Manager – how to describe it?

If you’re applying for a marketing manager position, you may have significant experience in this area.

However, the point is not to list all the responsibilities you’ve held before. The resume is supposed to show the experience the employer requires.

List key experience that important for your future employer and has been mentioned in a job post. Skip the information that seem to be irrelevant. This way you will create a tailored resume that works much better than a universal resume which you send to everybody.

IMPORTANT. Do not copy and paste. This could sound unreal. Instead, just paraphrase, add more details and numbers. This will make your resume more realistic and appealing for the employer.

What else?

Start with the most recent professional experience.

For each job position, list the key duties you fulfilled. Where possible, try to enrich your experience with achievements.

Example, Instead of: ‘organized marketing fairs’ you could write:

Successfully organized marketing fairs, what resulted in increasing new customers by 43% in 2016.

Alternatively, you can add your key achievement at the bottom of each section with duties.

Let’s see a good example of how to describe an experience in Marketing Manager Resume:

Marketing Manager Experience Section – EXAMPLE

  • Planned, implemented and coordinated ad campaigns strategy which increased Google Ads ROAS by 34% and FB Ads ROAS by 27%
  • Coordinated the communications team to create converting content and marketing slogans
  • Created and analyzed campaign/performance reports to ensure individual projects effectiveness and optimization

Key Achievement: Implemented refreshed SEO strategy that increased user engagement on blog articles by over 67% and overall website traffic by over 43%, generating $ 5.7k more month revenue

Another possibility is to create an individual section called ‘Achievements’. This would be an option when you can boast at least several achievements.

Achievements are a real magnet for recruiters. What is more, a question about your key accomplishments is frequently asked during the job interview. Including it in your resume makes you more prepared for that.

TIP: To create a strong, persuasive job resume, enrich you experience description with action verbs. They prove that you have a goal-oriented mindset and initiative. Additionally, action verbs grab attention much more effectively. 

For example, instead of using words, like

  • took part,
  • helped,
  • tried


  • implemented new sales strategy,
  • improved ROI, ROAS or customer locality,
  • achieved or exceeded target,
  • reduced monthly costs,
  • launched new products,
  • optimized ad campaign

3. How to List Education in Marketing Manager Resume? The right way

When it comes to positions like Marketing or Sales Manager, HR Managers will be mainly interested in your experience and skills rather than your education.

However, no matter what position you are applying for, you should always include the education section in your resume.

Keep it simple. Mention just the highest level of your education, like:

  • Date of graduation,
  • Degree title and specialization (if there was one)
  • Collage name

4. Resume Skills Section Best Tip for Marketing and Sales Manager

Skills are one of the most important fields in your resume. Very often, this resume section decides if you get invited for an interview. Do it the right way, then.

First of all, verify the job description to find which skills the company is especially looking for. Pay attention to the keywords they use and include them in your resume (if you possess such skills, of course).

Keep in mind that you are applying for a management position in marketing and sales. This means that apart from hard skills (important for marketing specialists) and marketing knowledge, show your soft skills also, like:

  • Leadership capabilities
  • Management skills
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to motivate the team

If you have skills that haven’t been listed in a job offer, but you feel they might be useful in a marketing or sales position, just add them. Good example are foreign languages skills. Every company sooner or later wants to expand. Such skills could be a huge benefit.

5. Additional Sections in your Resume

If you feel you have much more to show off than the information contained in a standard resume sections, you can always add some extra fields, like:

  • Awards,
  • Achievements,
  • Certificates,
  • Trainings,
  • Conferences / Fairs
  • Publications / Blog Articles / Portfolio

For example, adding an information about the training or courses you have taken may prove you are a growth-oriented candidate. This could be a true benefit.

Don’t you have no training to include in your resume? Get some.

You have a plenty of online possibilities to take valuable, industry trainings. Many courses can be taken for free. Check Google Digital Workshops or Google Marketing Courses with Certificates.

You find much when search through the Internet.

6. Marketing Manager Cover Letter – should you write it?

If the company wants a Cover Letter, simply send it along with your resume document. If you don’t do it and other candidates do, you may lose chances for an interview.

Apart from this, cover letter might be a great chance to present more valuable information than in resume.

Cover Letter gives you a chance to show more details, specific numbers, case studies, achievements and just tell more about yourself. Adding a good Cover Letter to your Marketing Director Resume can be a real advantage over other candidates.

7. Summary

  • Start with good resume summary or career objective
  • Use keywords from the offer. In case your resume is verified by ATS software, it has bigger chances to pass it through successfully.
  • Use numbers and metrics
  • Show achievements, examples, case studies
  • Present only relevant information
  • Use action verbs
  • Before applying, read your resume and cover letter once again to pick out possible mistakes and errors
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