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Photography Resume Writing – Best Tips

If you are applying for one of the photography jobs or want new orders – you need an effective resume. This is a creative profession, so you may also need a good cover letter. 

In this article, you will learn how to write a resume that will make you stand out from other job seekers and catch the recruiter’s attention.

Also, have a look at photographer resume sample.

The golden rule of any curriculum vitae is to tailor it to a specific job offer.  When it comes to a photography resume, it is even more important to show that you are exactly the candidate that the HR manager is looking for.

1. Choose the right resume template and optimal resume format

Resume Design matters.

Imagine that recruiters receive hundreds of applications. If you want your resume to help you to get a dream job, first you have to help your resume to get noticed by the HR Managers.

Opt for an original but professional CV template. Choose the one that is readable and clearly presents the information. 

The second thing is the resume format.

The most popular is the chronological resume. However, depending on how much work experience you have behind, whether you have had breaks in employment or how often you have changed jobs, you can opt for a different format, such as a mixed, functional CV, or a skill-based resume.

2. Resume Summary or Career Objective in a Photographer Resume + Examples

A well-crafted resume summary is often the deciding factor determining whether a recruiter wants to further review your resume. It is one of the most powerful resume sections.

If it is not convincing enough, it can lead to rejecting your application.

Therefore, make sure that the resume  summary in your photographer cv does a really good job. 

A good resume introduction should be about 3 to 5 sentences long. Make it as specific as possible, and make sure it showcases the benefits because of hiring you.  

The recipe for the perfect introduction? Show that you have: 

  • required experience, or you are specialized in some field, e.g. product photography or wedding photography,
  • required education: completed school, courses, certificates (if education is required in job opening),
  • key skills, such as proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, etc.,
  • achievements. I am sure you have some. Choose the one that will impress the potential employer the most. They don’t have to be spectacular,
  • something else. Perhaps desirable soft skills like being independent in action, creativity or the direction you want to develop in.

The most important thing is to tailor your resume summary to the job offer.

Otherwise, even if your CV is well-written but not in relation to the requirements from the offer, it won’t do the job.

- Instead of generalities, use specifics and numbers - where possible
- Make the text easy to read. You can use bold highlighting to emphasize important information. 

Photographer Resume Summary example:


Certified Professional Photographer with 3+ years of experience, mainly in e-commerce and business photography. My photos taken for marketing agency MediaFLy were recognized at the industry conference I <3 Marketing. The product photos I took for one of the online stores helped to increase sales and users engagement. I am an independent, creative photographer and would like to further develop in the area of product and digital photography.  

What if you don’t have experience as a photographer?

Instead of a resume summary, prepare a so-called career objective (aka career profile). Tell about who you are and in which direction you want to develop. Write about the courses you have taken, what graphic software you know.

Lack of experience does not disqualify you in the recruitment process. Many companies hire novice but talented photographers due to limited budget.

3. How to Create a good Experience Section in a Photographer’s Resume + Examples 

Following the first rule of an effective resume, remember to tailor your experience description to the job ad you are interested in. 

Prepare a list of all the companies you have worked for as a photographer. If there are too many, select the most relevant. Add job titles and dates.

Before you start describing your responsibilities, take a look at the employer’s requirements. If you have the required experience, put it at the top of this resume section, in a similar format. 

Remember about interesting projects you took part in. 

Be specific.

It is obvious that as a photographer, it was your job to “take photos”. Here it is important what kind of photos, what methods you used, what were the working conditions, and what was the final result

If possible, mention your professional achievements. This will appeal to the recruiter much more than simple experience description. 

If you find it hard to include your professional accomplishments within the experience section, add an achievement field below each experience section.  

Be specific, quantify whenever possible, give details, use bullet points and bold highlights to make the description more eye-grabbing

Recent experience counts the most. However, if in the past, you did something that would be relevant now, consider adding that information. 

Where possible, use the language and words from the offer

Have a look at the example of photographer responsibilites


Senior Photographer | XYZ company
2018 – current

– Prepare and arrange products for photo
– Shoot and edit product photography for e-commerce sites and social media channels
– Create on brand web graphics for product collections and categories
– Upload product images to WooCommerce store
– Maintaining quality control to assure professional photography
– Oversee and execute photography in studio
– Work with close communication with interior designers to provide a high quality imagery
– Work with post-production to ensure all images meet image requirements
– Research, collaborate, and implement new techniques to constantly improve photos quality and customer satisfaction
– Cooperation with the marketing department in planning marketing visual campaigns

KEY ACHIEVEMENT: Photos made for XYZ company were presented as an example of using the latest trends in product photography at a marketing conference I <3 marketing

OK, and what if you want to create a good photographer resume with no experience?

If you are a novice or entry level photographer with no or little experience, underline your skills and portfolio.

The truth is, you can be a talented photographer who takes excellent shots and have no experience.

That’s why showcase your best works, even if they are from your private collection. If you have taken any photography courses and trainings, mention it. Do you have any certificates? Show it. You can include additional activities that you took part in which might be important, example: 

“I assisted photographers with helping to set up the photo equipment”

In other words, highlight your strengths so that your shortcomings are less visible.   

4. How to Describe Photographer Skills + Example

Taking photos, editing photos, or sense of esthetic are those skills that every applicant for a photographer position should have.

You need to take it a step further.

How to describe the skills to catch the recruiter’s attention and stand out from other candidates?

First of all, look at the job posting. What key skills are required? 

Do you have them? Great. List them at the very top of the skills section.

But what if you don’t have all the desired qualifications? 

Don’t worry. Employers not always expect you to meet 100% of the requirements.

However, try to figure out if the skills you lack are essential for the job offer or not necessary. If not, you can try to apply without them. But if they are important, consider whether you can fill in the gaps before submitting your application.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to gain new knowledge and skills are online courses and trainings. All you need to do is running a good Google search, and you will surely find a whole bunch of relevant courses.

Apart from taking good pictures, there are more hard skills and soft skills that really count in the position of a photographer.

Have a look:

Hard skills examples:

  • Proficiency in Canon systems, Profoto Lighting, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Capture One + advanced photo retouching,
  • Current with photography trends, camera systems,
  • Advanced Photoshop editing techniques like: blending/repairing/merging digital photo files,
  • Proficiency with MS Excel, Adobe Premiere, and FTP tools and advanced file formatting knowledge,
  • High level of understanding of lighting for product photography,

Soft skills examples:

  • Excellent Communication skills,
  • Attention to details,
  • Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines,
  • Eye for detail, accuracy, sense of design,
  • Proactive and solutions oriented personality

If you are submitting your resume online, add links to your portfolio or profile on Behance, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest or any other place you are showcasing them. You can shorten the URL for example by using the website – it allows you to track the number of clicks!

5. Use Right Keywords and Phrases in your Photography CV + Examples

Where possible, use the words and phrases used in the job posting.

What are the benefits?

Firstly, your resume will catch the recruiter’s eye faster if you put what they are looking for in the foreground.

Secondly, many companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for initial CV verification. If the system finds the right keywords, your application has a bigger chance of being positively evaluated and taken to the next stage.

The keywords can be related to job titles, specialties, specific skills or experience, like: freelance photographer,  certified professional photographer, wedding photographer

TIP: To create a convincing job resume, include action verbs - if possible. They draw attention effectively and reinforce the message. 

Action verbs examples: implemented, improved, achieved, reduced, launched, optimized

Weak word examples: took part, helped, tried, assisted

7. Training & Certificates

Working as a photographer requires constant skills upgrading. If you have taken part in trainings or courses – mention it in your curriculum vitae. 

Even if the training was organized by the company you worked for – write about it! Highlight those courses that were certified. 

8. Summary

Writing an excellent resume for a photographer position, needs time if you want to do it right.

You can however make the whole process faster by using a professional CV template or resume builder.

Make sure you have chosen an appropriate resume format that highlights your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.

Don’t forget about personal information and contact details.

Your professional summary and skills should always match the job offer and the employer’s expectations. Remember that recruiters review hundreds of CVS every day.

If the employer requires a cover letter, don’t forget to include it. Try to convey the essence of your experience in an interesting way. Be specific. Make sure your information is consistent and clear. 

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Don’t you know where to start to write a winning resume?

Don’t start from scratch. Check out our Resume templates or resume builder tool. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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