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Winning Resume Templates Word that helped many candidates to get a well-paid job

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What you get

  • Super easy to edit Word Resume Template. Basic Words skills are enough
  • All 3 Versions: 1,2 and 3-page Resume Template. You decide how long your Resume should be
  • Resume Template in format both US letter resume (8.5 in x 11 in) and A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm
  • Instant access to downloadable files for 365 days after purchase. After download, the documents are yours forever
  • Professional Cover Letter Template Word for free
  • Short video instruction. However, in most cases, candidates don't need that
  • Clean and Professional Resume Template with readable layout approved by HR Managers
  • Print Ready Job Resume Template with sharp graphics

What is required

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or laterĀ (Mac and Windows users)
  • Basic Computer and Microsoft Office skills are enough

Resume Templates are editable in only MS Word. Don't you have Microsoft Word? Download free trial from official Microsoft site

Why MS Word Resume Templates work so good?

Best Word Resume Templates

Job winning, top resume templates to edit in Microsoft Word (doc/docx format). Expertly designed and recognized by recruiters.

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modern resume template word docx editable

Great balance of creative, eye-catching look and functional, clear layout. Great readability. Just perfect resumes. Loved by candidates. These editable resumes for MS Word will not only help you get an invitation for an interview. They will also build your personal brand before the interview and increase your chances to negotiate higher salary.

Simple Resume Templates for MS Word

Classic curriculum vitae templates with professional design. Clean layout will help you to clearly present all your core values. Despite the standard look, these basic templates will stand you out from the crowd and help to get a desired job.

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basic resume template word
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Modern Resume Templates doc/docx

Modern, powerful Resume Themes for all those who want to quickly catch a recruiter's attention. Creative design goes along with effective, clean structure and professional performance.

top resume template word editable
minimalist resume template word editable
clean resume template docx

All Word Resume Templates

See in detail what you get by downloading our Resume Template

Simply replace the default information with your data, save in pdf and apply. However, you can customize whatever you want.
You can resize, add or remove additional sections, change headings, fonts, colors and additional pages and much more. Basic Word skills are totally enough. SEE A REAL EXAMPLE OF EDITING PROCESS

Don't you have Microsoft Word?  Download the latest free trial for both Mac and Windows here: Free Trial - Try Microsoft 365 for a month - Microsoft Store

Depending on your professional background and amount of information, you can use 1, 2 or 3-page resume model. In most of the cases, we send you all 3 versions. While editing, you can decide how long your Curriculum Vitae should be.

If you need more pages, no problem. Just add ones.

Majority of our resume templates go with free cover letter template also in Word format. Cover Letter is styled so that it matches the Resume Design. Both will give you a professional job application

Our cv templates are print ready. All elements or graphics remain sharp after printed as well as on digital screen.

Most of the candidates who download our resumes are able to customize them by themselves. Probably you won't need an instruction. However, just in case, we provide you with video tutorial so that you feel comfortable while editing.

After purchase, you get access to downloadable files for 365 days. Once downloaded, the files are yours forever

Resume Resources

What is a Resume?

Resume is a document used to present a summary of a person's data, like: personal and professional experience or other qualifications, with the purpose of getting an invitation for a job interview. It's often accompanied by cover letter.

A successful resume highlights the most valuable skills and key achievements from previous jobs. It is often tailored to a specific job offer the candidate is responding to.

Some integral part of a resume are:

  • resume objective / summary / profile
  • work / professional experience
  • education
  • skills (hard and soft skills)
  • trainings / courses / certificates
  • language skills
  • interests / hobbies
  • contact information

Such job application document focuses on those features, the employer is looking for and doesn't have to mention information that are irrelevant in the specific job position.

Rsume vs CV - what is the difference?

The term CV is commonly used mainly in Europe and New Zealand. The word 'resume' is used in the USA and Canada. In countries such as South Africa, India and Australia CV and resume are used interchangeably.

When it comes to United States CV and resume are two different things.

CV is a more detailed and longer document, (1-2 pages but can be longer). It describes the entire path of candidate's career, mainly in a chronological order.

Resume, on the other hand, is shorter and typically has 1 page (2 pages as a maximum). It should contain only the key information corresponding to a given job offer. It does not have to be chronological.

Resume Word Examples

If you want to create an effective resume, you need to match its design and content to the position you are applying for. Not always a creative resume format will be the best solution. On the other hand, not always a minimalist, simple Curriculum Vitae will be enough to draw attention.

Are you applying for the position of Sales Representative? Your Resume should look much more different from the one for a job in accountancy. There will be a significant difference between the resume example for first job or students and resume example after college or for specific positions like for customer care or it jobs.

Let's analyze resumes for specific positions. Have a look at the entire database of resume samples.

How to write a good Resume? Top tips

It isn't about how to write a resume for a job. It is all about how to write a good resume that will give you a job you desire.

The truth is, you don't have to be the perfect candidate, but you can have a perfectly written resume.

First, it is good to know if your application is going to be reviewed by a real person or AST robots. If the first option comes into play, then bet on modern resume design that draws attention.

If ATS (Applicant Tracking System) will be parsed your job application, make sure you create ATS friendly resume in order not to be rejected.

However, in both cases, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Try to highlight the key skills and professional experience. Add a resume objective or resume summary statement (also called resume profile). Use bullet points. You can also try to write a skills based resume.

Are you planning to write a resume as a school student or college resume? Then you should read the tips about how to write a resume with no experience.

There are a lot of platforms, apps, resume builders to create a resume or cv. However, one of the best way is to create your resume in Microsoft Word.

You can also try this resume templates resources:

Resume Format

Before applying, always check if there are any specific submission details mentioned in a job offer. Sometime employer or HR agencies prefer candidates to apply using a determined resume format. If the job advertisement doesn't contain any special requirements about the file format in, use PDF format.

Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Besides paid themes, in our resume library you can also find free downloadable resume templates word (doc / docx format). You can download them directly and edit on your PC. Finally, you can save them as doc / docx file or as pdf file. However Resume in pdf is often the best option to apply for a job.

There are a lot of places where you can download free ms word resume template. You can try the official Microsoft Word website:

Other possibility is to use Google Docs resume templates.

You can also find free resumes doc in when you open your Microsoft Word Software. Just go to File - New and choose Curriculum Vitae Templates and Cover Letters.

See more blank resume templates for Word.

Resume Templates Google Docs

Resume Templates Google Docs are a great method if you want to write resume without Microsoft Word. To access a CV template in Google Docs you just need to log in to your Google account. You customize your Resume document in the cloud. This is a huge benefit because you can access your Job Application from every place and every device where you can log in to your Google account.

There is a wide range of ready to use Job Applications created Google Docs. You can find basic and simple Google Documents Resumes as well as modern CV Designs (mostly ATS-friendly).

To use a Resume Template in Google Docs you need to download a completed resume document to your disk. Possible files formats to download are: PDF (.pdf), MS Word (.docx), Open Document (.odt), Plain text (.txt), Rich text (.rtf), Web page (HTML), EPUB publication (.epub).

You can also generate a sharable link to your Google Docs Resume and send it to a recruiter, headhunter or potential employer.

ATS-fiendly Resume Templates

Statistics show that the great part of applicants are being rejected at the stage of resume parsing by ATS software. This means that their application has no chance to get in front of HR Manager eyes. How to prevent this? How to increase chances that your resume passes ATS system?

What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that helps recruiters and HR Managers in large companies to collect and verify incoming candidates applications. This tool follows its algorithm. That's why it is crucial to build an ATS ready Resume to beat that system.

What are the best practices while creating an ATS friendly application?

  • Choose the right resume file. Most appropriate for majority ATS systems are word (.doc / .docx) files. Many ATS can read pdf resumes as well but not all
  • Try to avoid fancy graphics, shapes or tables. Keep it as simple as possible

Want to read more tip how to write an ATS friendly resume?

Cover Letter Templates Word

Some job openings require attaching a cover letter to your application. It should be compliant then with your resume.

In most of the cases, we add a cover letter template (.doc / .docx) to the resume template for free. However, you can also browse our wide range of cover letter models and buy only that item.

Sometimes employers demand also a reference page. These will be added to our templates library soon.

Open Office Resume Templates

We got many questions about resume templates for Open Office, LibreOffice or even Wordpad. So far we deliver only Microsoft Word Templates (both A4 and US format). However, we are planning to enrich our offer with Resumes for LibreOffice and Open Office.

Resume Templates Word FAQ

Are Word Resume Templates Good?

Yes and for many reasons. First of all this is the most ATS friendly resume format. Second of all, if you create your application in MS Word, you can save it also in pdf format which is universal resume format.

Are Your MS Word Resume Templates ATS-Friendly?

We did our best to make all the resume templates as much ATS firiendly as possible. All of them should be scannable for new ATS systems (if you send your resume as pdf file). In a category: Resume Templates AST-firendly you will find 100% ATS-ready templates, scannable even by older systems.

What is the Best Resume Template in Word?

It really depends on the position you are applying for. If you need to draw attention, stand out and present originality, this resume template works great. If you are applying to large company or through HR agency, probably you need good ATS-friendly template. Then check this.

How to Use Your Word Resume Template?

It is super easy. Just follow the steps: - choose a resume that suits your needs - buy or download if it's free - check your email box to download the files delivered - edit on your PC (replace the data or customize) - save as word (.doc / .docx) file or pdf

Do you Have a Free Word Resume Templates?

Sure. We have both premium resume themes and free basic templates. It all depends on what are you looking for.

How to Find Resume Templates in Word?

It's true that Ms Word has its own free cv themes. To find them go to File - New and choose Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter Templates.

How Many Pages Have Your doc/docx Resumes?

It all depands on the particular Resume Document. There is always an information about that in each Resume Product Page. Usually we provide you with 2 or 3 page Resume. You can decide if you use only 1 page or more. People often ask "how long should be my resume". A standard US Resume is 1 page long. However in many occasions 2 page applications are ok.

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