Modern Resume Word Designs – how do they look like?

The modern job market requires modern resume word designs. With so many job opportunities and tons of candidates, you have to stand out. Innovative resume template is a less formal, visual resume with a stylish design. Very often it has a two-columns layout, contains: lines, bullet points, underlines, bold characters and big candidates’ name. It also may have infographic or other graphics.

While selecting a modern resume template, make sure it is professional, has a clean layout and good readability. The aim of your job resume is not only to grab a recruiter’s attention, but also to convince an HR Manager and get an invitation to an interview. Creative design should still be able to highlight your key skills, achievements, important work experience or language skills.

Should I use a Modern Resume Template?

You may wonder when to pick a modern resume design instead of standard one? When you apply for a job where creativity and soft skills and desirable, creative CV template is a good choice. Areas, like: marketing, graphic design, photography, interior design, media or IT are those where you can apply with less formal, original application. Unique resume gives you a chance to show your creativity, out of the box thinking and your uniqueness.

The other reason to choose an innovative resume style is the type of company you are applying to. If it is a start-up or an organization with young people, an innovative resume document will present you as an innovative candidate with fresh thinking.

What makes a Modern Resume Template?

Modern, creatively designed resume can stand out with: colors, bullet points, infographics, two-columns layout, bold keywords, lines, underlines. Very often, modern resume template goes with picture and career objective at the top. These are the most common elements, but it all depends on the designer and their vision.

The best creative templates are nor only stylish but also professional, clean, readable and have enough white space.

How to create a modern resume in word?

If you don’t want to make your creative resume in word by yourself, the best option is to download a ready to use original resume template .docx to edit. They are mainly premium templates.

When it comes to free modern resume templates in Word, there aren’t many. You can open Microsoft Word, go to File – New and select Resume Design and Cover Letters. However, you will find there rather standard CV templates.

Creative resumes – what format?

The best format to save a modern resume in, is a PDF format. This is because a such resume template can contain lines, graphics or layout that should look the same while analyzing by a recruiter. When you save an innovative resume in word format (.docx), the final design will depend on Word version of the viewer.

In any case, if you already know that your application will be verified by a system, create an ATS-friendly modern resume.

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