Simple Resume Templates

A clean and minimalistic resume doesn't have to mean a boring resume.

There are many job offers that require a standard resume style. That concerns mainly these job positions where hard skills are in demand.

Clean and Elegant Resume Templates in Word

Here you can browse our Simple Curriculum vitae templates in Word format (.docx file format). Thanks to this, you can edit your job application in MS Word and save in both .docx or .pdf format.

The Resume you download is ready-to-use template with default text. Just replace it with your data and you have your perfect resume. Basic Microsoft Word skills are totally enough to customize it.

Simple Resume Template with Photo

What can help your application to stand out, is a resume with photo. It gives a potential employer an imagination of who you are. It also helps them to remember you as a candidate.

However, it is not always a good idea to send a resume with a picture. For example, in the United States, it is not common attaching an image to your resume. It is recommended to keep you resume simple so that it can be readable for applicant tracking systems.

Nevertheless, if you apply for a job abroad, check first what are the resume writing standards over there. Maybe that sending an elegant resume with photo is something totally common. In that case, if you apply with a basic resume format without a picture, your curriculum vitae could be missed out.

Free Basic Resume Templates

Writing your resume doesn't have to be expensive. Check our free basic resume templates. You can download them and edit directly on your PC.

If you are looking for more places where you can find easy CV free of charge, just have a look:

Other places to find free minimalistic resumes: Reddit, Pinterest or Freepik. You can also use one of the resume builders.

Having a resume template designed in Word, gives you freedom to edit it whenever you want without a need of logging in or registering an account.

How to Write a Simple Resume?

  • First of all choose a minimalistic but elegant resume template
  • Don't add your entire address details. State and city are enough
  • Try to make an one page resume
  • Highlight the most important resume sections
  • Present only the professional experience and skills that maters for a particular job offer

For more useful resume writing tips you can check our ultimate guise - how to write a good resume.

Simple Resume Templates FAQ

Are your simple resume templates ATS friendly?

For majority of today ATS-software, yes. However, if your resume will be verified by older ATS robots and what’s more job offer demands you to send your resume in word format, they may be not.

What should a simple resume contain?

It should contain basic information like: - You professional experience - Education - Skills (soft and hard skills) - Training - Languages - Contact information

How long should have my classic resume?

Unless you have a wide work experience, you should create short onepage resume. We have all 1 and 2 page resume templates to download.

What is your best simple resume template?

The best opinions has White Space Resume Template. However choose the one that suits your needs. It's your application after all.

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